PANEL: On art and digital rights activism

In line with #PrivacyCamp21 ‘s focus on the use of digital rights to reclaim infrastructures, this session aims to explore the notions of quantification, visualisation and artivism as means of dissent during COVID19 times.

Quantification: The measurement of quantity. Counting. While Marijn Bril explores employee surveillance and focuses on the impact of quantification on the way we ascribe value to work, Vladan Joler and his team collects and visualises data that sheds light on an otherwise opaque landscape.

Visualisation: Infrastructures are material. They are owned by private actors and sometimes under state control. Sometimes, infrastructures are wires, and sometimes they are people. Sometimes, infrastructures hurt.  What effect does visualising infrastructures such as AI systems (Vladan Joler) and police forces (Paolo Cirio) have on the way we understand complex private/public structures? How does visualisation help enhance the development of our common infrastructures for the common good?

Artivism, protest and COVID19: People’s ability to organise and protest has been impacted by the COVID19 restrictions. Looking for creative ways to manifest dissent, people across the world have turned to new methods of protest such as artistic public performances . What are the ups and downs of public stunts? What can civil society learn from the power of art to convene messages? How does an online artivist performance look like?

  • Moderator: Andreea Belu, European Digital Rights


  • Vladan Joler – co-founder SHARE Foundation, professor at the New Media department of the University of Novi Sad, Serbia.
  • Paolo Cirio – Conceptual artist, 1979. Italy – U.S. NYC
  • Marijn Bril – Resident artist at CPDP and Privacy Salon selected by IMPAKT and Werktank

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