Practical info

Privacy Camp 2024 will take place on Wednesday, 24 January 2024 in a hybrid format (in Brussels, with online broadcast). Here, we have put together some logistical information that we hope to be useful for your participation.

  • Venue and how to get there

The Privacy Camp 2024 will take place at La Tricoterie . The address is 158 rue Théodore Verhaegen, 1060 Saint-Gilles.

The venue is easily accessible from Gare du Midi: You can take tram 81, direction Montgomery which will take you to the stop Bethléem, one minute walk to La Tricoterie. Alternatively, it is also possible to walk from the Midi/Zuid station since it takes an average 11 minutes to reach the venue.

From Gare Centrale, it is possible to take the bus 52, direction Forest (Bervoets) located right at the main train station entrance, until the Porte de Hal stop. From there, there is a 7 minute walk to the venue. It is also possible to take the metro 1 or 5, direction Stockel or Herrman-Debroux respectively, stop at Arts-Loi and then change for metro 2 or 6, direction Simonis or Roi Baudoin respectively until you reach Porte de Hal. The second option is, however, longer than the first one.

From the Zaventem airport, it is important to take an IC train towards either Gare Centrale or Gare du Midi. It is advisable to opt for Gare du Midi for a quicker access to the venue. If you would like to plan your trip in advance, you can also consult the IC train timetables through the SNCB website.

From the Charleroi airport, you can take a shuttle bus which takes you directly to Gare du Midi.

  • Livestream

No sweat if you can’t join us in Brussels. We’ve made it possible for you to follow the panels online. On the day of the event, the streaming will be made available on Privacy Camp’s website:

The stream will be available on 24 January from 9:00 CET. Please note that our main wish is to connect as much as possible with participants who will be present during the day of the event, therefore questions and discussions will not be made possible for the virtual audience. It will be possible to have an online viewing of the discussions and debates, but not to interact with the panelists.

  • Local travel

The transport network company that manages the majority of public transport in Brussels is called STIB (in French) or NMBS (in Dutch). The network offers metro, tram and bus lines during the day, and a few bus lines during the night. Some bus lines that circulate during the day are offered by other transport companies, such as De Lijn and TEC.

  • Contactless payments. It is possible to buy tickets directly on the board of the transport vehicle of your choice. You can directly validate your trip using your debit/credit card, smartphone or smartwatch on the blue machines; accessible on the whole STIB network. De Lijn buses also offer the same types of payment on their bus lines.
  • Paper tickets. It always possible to opt for paper tickets, which can be purchased on BOOTIK and KIOSK shops, as well as GO vending machines for the STIB network. The single fare tickets are usually valid for one hour of transportation. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to buy them in every metro/tram/bus stop, but you can consult STIB’s online site in order to find the closest store outlet for your purchase.
  • Multiple journeys. You can always buy multiple tickets at the same store outlets mentioned above. There are different plans available depending on whether you plan on using multiple transport tickets throughout the day, or if you intend to spend several days in Brussels. STIB has prepared different formulas to choose from that best suit your preferred way of traveling.
  • Alternative ways of mobility. While there exist different possibilities of renting a bike in Brussels, often provided by private companies such as Villo or Bolt (and many more!), electric scooters are also available throughout the city. Get more information about the latter on Limo and Dott’s websites/apps.

Accessibility note: If you would like to inquire about different ways of transportation due to access reason, please reach out to us.

  • Food and drinks at the event

EDRi will provide the following dietary options: coffee, tea and water throughout the day, sandwiches and soup for lunch, as well as aperitif snacks and an open bar with cold beverages, wine and beer for one hour right after the end of our programme. Vegan and vegetarians options are included in the menu, and we have taken note of the dietary requirements that you have provided in the registration form. Please consult the food ingredient tags to avoid any case of sickness or severe allergy.

  • Accessibility

The venue is in possession of both wheelchair-accessible toilets and an elevator which will allow participants with reduced-mobility to move from one floor to the other. All rooms will have two (2) reserved front row seats for participants with hearing/visual impairment, please do not use them if you do not need them. Service dogs are authorized, but please contact us beforehand to confirm that you are bringing your dog with you (

  • Contacts and emergency support

The closest hospital to the venue is CHU Saint-Pierre, site Porte de Hal:

European Emergency Call (fire brigades, ambulance, police): 112

  • COVID-19 prevention

We want everyone to feel safe and healthy at #PrivacyCamp24. Please follow hygiene standards and stay home if you are not feeling well or have recently been in contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19.

  • General photo/video policy

When entering the venue, you’ll be asked to choose between wearing a red or green lanyard based on your willingness to be photographed/recorded during the event:

Red lanyard: you do not want to be photographed/recorded by our event photographer.

Green lanyard: you consent to being photographed/recorded by our event photographer and you are fine with these photos/recordings being used in online and/or printed materials by EDRi.

Please choose the lanyard you’re comfortable with. We also request you to pay attention at the beginning of each session to announcements about the position of the livestream camera and to seat yourself accordingly. If your photographs have been used in online and/or printed materials by EDRi and you change your mind about being comfortable with it, please let us know at

For inquiries about the programme please contact Andreea Belu at andreea.belu(at)edri(dot)org.

To support the event organisation as a volunteer, contact Enxhi Noni at enxhi.noni [at] edri [dot] org.