Practical info

Université Saint-Louis, Boulevard du Jardin botanique 43, 1000 Brussels
Tracks 1&2: Auditorium 3 and 4
EDPS CSO summit: Salle du Conseil (4th floor)


Public transport
Metro: Lines 2 and 6; stations Rogier and Botanique/Kruidtuin
Bus: Lines 61, 270, 271, 272, 318, 351, 358, 410, 470 and 620; stop Rogier
Train: Station Gare de Bruxelles-Congrès/Station Congres and Gare de Bruxelles-Nord/Station Brussel-Noord
Villo: Station no. 60, St-Lazare/Sint-Lazarus; Station no. 55 Botanique/Kruidtuin; Station no. 31, Musée de la BD/Stripmuseum

More information on, and

Where to stay
Participants are responsible for their own accommodation booking. We provide a list below of popular accommodation options, recommended by other attendees. Please note that we can’t guarantee any of these accommodations.

Hotel Villa Royale
Hotel Queen Anne
FunKey Hotel
Max Hotel
Pantone Hotel
Motel One
Le Lys d’Or Guest House
Alma Hotel
Hotel Saint Nicolas

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