Privacy Camp is an annual conference held the day before the start of CPDP. The event brings together digital rights advocates, activists as well as academics and policy-makers from all around Europe and beyond to discuss the most pressing issues facing human rights online.

Privacy Camp is jointly organised by EDRiVUB-LSTS, Privacy Salon vzw and the Institute for European Studies at USL-B.

The organisation of Privacy Camp 2021 is made possible with the help of a dedicated team composed of:

Content Committee
Andreea Belu (EDRi)
Gloria Gonzalez (VUB-LSTS )
Rocco Bellanova (USL-B – IEE)

Operations Committee
Guillermo Peris (EDRi)
Thierry Vandenbussche (Art and Events Director at Privacy Salon)
Ine de Bock (Communication and administration Officer at VUB Crosstalks and Privacy Salon)

Privacy Camp 2021 would not be possible without the support of the entire EDRi team. In particular, thanks to Katarina Bartovičová in identifying sponsors and funders for the event, Gail Rego for communications support on and around the event, policy colleagues for organising panels and content discussions, and Claire Fernandez for coordination and support

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