Mapping the problem: News dissemination on online platforms

The online news ecosystem has been recently under the spotlight. News creation, dissemination and consumption have been influenced by online targeting as a business model, giving rise to a phenomenon coined as “online disinformation”. Recently proposed solutions to online disinformation, such as algorithmic content curation and fact-checking, lack consideration for crucial elements of today’s online news ecosystem.

What are the factors that enabled online news dissemination to take its current shape? How do we consume online news? What criteria defines a successful piece of online news?

The panel aims to answer these questions and further describe the rise of a business model based on targeted ads, the effects this business model has on the editorial criteria of quality and the relationship between governments and independent media.

In this context, the purpose of this panel is to outline different pillars of the complex online mis-information issue – often mis-understood and therefore mis-solved.

Moderator: Andreea Belu (Campaigns and Communication Manager – European Digital Rights)

Panel Participants:

  • Frederike Kaltheuner (Data Exploitation Programme Lead – Privacy International, UK)
  • Filip Stojanovski (Director of Partnership and Resource Development – Metamorphosis, Macedonia)
  • Nathalie Marechal (Senior Research Analyst – Ranking Digital Rights, USA)
  • Eva Simon (Advocacy Officer – Civil Liberties Union for Europe)

This panel is a problem – oriented session, focusing on unveiling the different aspects of the disinformation issue. The discussion complements the afternoon solution – oriented “Towards real safeguards: Data driven political campaigns and EU election” – a talk emphasising current and future solutions to online disinformation in the electoral campaign context.

See full program here.