#PrivacyCamp23: registrations now open

Registrations for #PrivacyCamp23 are now open! Sign up here by 18 January 2023 to secure your spot to EDRi’s flagship event, bringing together activists, academia and decision-makers around the topic of digital rights.

After two years of virtual editions, Privacy Camp 2023 will take place on Wednesday, 25 January as an offline gathering in Brussels, with the possibility of following an online stream of sessions online.

Whether you want to attend physically or follow the stream online, you will need to register in order to receive the practical instructions. In either case, participation is free. This event is wheelchair accessible and will provide priority seating.

As we put 10 years of Privacy Camp behind, and with the 11th edition approaching, it is clearer than ever that our main mission continues to guarantee the safeguard of human rights in today’s vigorously changing world.

In 2023, the Privacy Camp invites you to participate in, and foster, a discussion about the a world that finds itself in a constant state of crisis, and in which the digital is, itself, critical.

How do digital technologies feed into and foster the multiple crises we inhabit? What do we need to consider when approaching the digital as a critical resource that we should nurture, so to promote and protect rights and freedoms? What does it mean to regulate digital technologies and infrastructures in times of crises?

Join us in answering critical questions during the 11th edition of Privacy Camp. We rely on you.

A draft programme is already available on our website for you to already start planning the different sessions you’d like to attend.