Draft programme published

We’re happy to announce the publication of the draft programme for our upcoming Privacy Camp 2018 (hashtag #PrivacyCamp18). The print version of the programme (pdf) with a full description of all panels can be downloaded here.

You can find it here and below.

This year, we will also have two additional surprises for you: An Open Internet Privacy Bar where privacy cocktails will be served to you by the Privacy Training Center and an official after-party (with a quiz & real cocktails). Stay tuned for more details!

Draft programme

Rooms: Auditorium 3 & 4, Salle du Conseil

Time Session
09:30-10:00 Coffee
10:00-10:15 Welcome
10:30-12:00 Session 1: EDPS-CSO summit
Session 2: Networking space
Session 3: Digital Privacy – low and high hanging fruits, and how to pick them
12:00-13:00 Lunch break
13:00-14:30 Session 1: Round-table: Government hacking in different national contexts & strategies for challenging surveillance
Session 2: From “old” filter bubbles to political microtargeting
14:30-14:45 Coffee break
14:45-16:00 Session 1: Government hacking: Exchange with policy-makers
Session 2: Investigating algorithmic systems: Algorithm auditing
16:00-16:15 Coffee break
16:15-17:45 Session 1: Strip searching the internet
Session 2: The use of AI by public authorities
17:45-17:50 Closing

Open Internet Privacy Bar

During the conference, the Open Internet Privacy Bar will offer the following workshops:

Time Workshop Room
14:30-15:30 Privacy and security in the blender: How to better protect your digital life (offered by Privacy Training Center); Q&A Foyer
16:30-17:30 The Data Protection Laws (GDPR) to intensify the privacy & security cocktail: understanding the data protection rights offered by the GDPR to empower individuals to use and practice privacy (offered by Privacy Algebra); Q&A Foyer


The after-party will take place in Smouss Bar, from 19:00 onwards. Entry only with a conference badge!
Address: 112 Rue du Marché au Charbon – 1000 Bruxelles


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