WORKSHOP: The #ReclaimYourFace campaign: Ban biometric mass surveillance

A people – driven campaign. A coalition of nearly 30 non-profit organisations across Europe and counting. One Citizen Initiative. Investigations. Hard evidence. Over 13.000 people involved already. The #ReclaimYour movement calls for a ban on biometric mass surveillance, transparency and accountability. Together, we urge the European Union to help us protect and respect human dignity in the public space.

Join this session to understand what this campaign looks like, who is behind it and where it is going. We will zoom in on actions and investigations done in Greece and Italy and teach the easy steps you can take to investigate yourself. During the second part of this workshop we will show you how you can get the mayor and city council involved, but also how you can check what ClearviewAI knows about you (the notorious face recognition company scraping social media).


Check out the full programme here.

Registrations are open until 24 January, 2021 here.