PANEL: Stop Data Retention – now and forever!

Our fundamental rights to privacy and freedom are at the core of our constitutional order, and they should apply effectively in the digital world as well. But even after countless attempts have been struck down by the European courts, the European Commission and some of the EU member states are holding on to the idea to introduce measures of data retention in the Union. In July 2021, the Commission published a “non-paper” considering the legal options to introduce the indiscriminate retention of user data in some form or another. We do not want to let this happen.

But even if for many activists the decision against data retention is no longer a question, it remains a task to reach the new generation of internet users and make them aware. Is it enough to describe the legal situation that the practice of data retention is not compatible with our fundamental rights to freedom and privacy? What about the new data economy and all the glittering attempts to introduce data governance for all as the new normal? Artificial intelligence cannot be without data, but what will this leave private?

Since the European Commission is not listening, we need again the power of many to make clear that EU citizens do not want their personal data to be retained. Actual case law like SpaceNet/Telekom will also be part of the discussion, as well as interesting stories from where it all started (and what we could learn from them!).

  • Moderator: Chloé Berthélémy, Policy Advisor, EDRi


  • Patrick Breyer, MEP, European Parliament
  • Rena Tangens, Activist and Artist, Digitalcourage
  • Noémie Levain, Juriste et Membre, La Quadrature du Net

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Registrations are open until 24 January, 2022 here.