PANEL: How it started / how it is going: Status of Digital Rights half-way to the next EU elections

We would like to have an overview of how it has been for digital rights so far in the current EU legislative term and take 2-3 takeaways of what to expect by 2024 and ideas of what to expect for the next elections. By doing this analysis we would provide analytical and strategic tools for civil society to face the existing and future challenges we’re facing. We would encourage self-criticism of strategies and acknowledging what could have worked better so we can address these failures in our current and future work.

  • Moderator: Diego Naranjo, Head of Policy, EDRi


  • Alexandra Geese, Member of the European Parliament
  • Asha Allen, Advocacy Director for Europe, Online Expression & Civic Space, Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT)
  • Joris van Hoboken, Professor of Law at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB) & a Senior Researcher at the Institute for Information Law (IviR)
  • Anna Fielder, EDRi President and Senior Policy Adviser & Chair Emerita of Privacy International

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Registrations are open until 24 January, 2022 here.