#PrivacyCamp20: After-Party

Technology and Activism and chats and drinks and a cool DJ line-up. You can have all of them by joining us at the Privacy Camp After – party from 20h onward.

Note that from 18h – 20h we will have a food truck feeding us and pre-party chats.

The party location is the same one in which we’ll be all day, but with a rather different atmosphere. Four talented DJs will take us through their selected work. Expect to hear great sets, mixes and live coding!


  • 20h – 21h fukamiSoul and jazz, bit of groove and beats
  • 21h – 22h ki:ki Some intergalactic electro with hints of upload filter tech3hand a dash of new wave
  • 22h – 23h Indidjinouspost-apocalyptic, sci-fi inspired techstep jungle/drum & bass. Expect the unexpected.
  • 23h – 24h Dago Sondervan – live coding, algorave

24h – … Still partying? Cool! Then we did a good job. While we’d love to continue the partying until next year, this is when we start turning the lights on, put on some goodbye music and give each other hugs that last us until the next edition of Privacy Camp. See you soon!

Entrance to the party will be possible only with a #PrivacyCamp20 conference badge.